Thank you for visiting and getting to know Dr. Snetter and Life's Within Psychological Services, Inc., where the focus is always on serving the people of the community.  Life's Within is centered around serving YOU and your family by encouraging your emotional, mental, social, physical, and spiritual health, healing, and growth. 

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"I used to have anxiety and panic attacks about 3/4-times a day.  It was so bad that I stayed away from people.  My home was my only safe place.  Dr. Snetter's approach in sessions helped me to understand why I was so afraid and then she helped me to take steps to overcome it.  It didn't happen overnight; but it did happen."


- (Name being withheld for CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES)

Dr. Miatta R. Snetter

Licensed Clinical



Founder and CEO

Dr. Miatta is the founder and CEO of Life's Within Psychological Services, Inc., located in Los Angeles, California.  Life's Within has one focus; and that focus is YOU and the local Community!  Our objective is to provide the tools and promote the mental perspectives, which will empower you and your family to take steps toward improving your Quality of Life.


"The path toward positive change is a PROCESS; however, this process always leads you within!"  -Dr. Miatta

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There is a quiet place within you that has the potential to lead you toward recovery, healing, and personal growth. It is neither quick nor easy a process to achieve; but you are always aware when you're headed in its direction. Your emotions, thoughts, body, and spirit will all help to signal when you're moving forward.