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Life's Within Psychological Services values FAMILIES...


The cornerstone and foundation of ANY society is the family.  The family unit produces the values, success, and attitudes of an entire culture.  In fact, when the family unit experiences dysfunction, every member is impacted; and eventually, these same members will impact the external environment.  Meaning, ultimately, the world is changed by the health, strength, and values of the family structure.


Life's Within Psychological Services helps each member of the family unit recognize their role in the overall functioning of the family.  Each member (despite age or birth order) matters; and each member brings a necessary piece to the happiness, health, and wholeness of that family.


You each matter; and Life's Within is here to help you to find your voice and help heal the family.

Adult Individual Psychotherapy


We provide a SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL atmosphere where you experience an environment for growth, healing, recovery, and positive change.  Regardless of your current problems, a safe and confidential environment and a well trained clinician are the keys to effective therapy outcomes.  The process of therapy should empower you to feel better and interact with your surrounding in a more personally satisfying way. 


If Dr. Snetter is not the best match for your mental health concern, an appropriate referral will be made, so that you may meet with another psychologist best suited and trained to help you. 

Community Educational Forums


Dr. Snetter is a captivating speaker, presenting on numerous clinically relevant topics within her scope of practice and training; and is able to reach crowds of every ethnicity, culture, faith, and clinical challenge.


PRESENTATION TOPICS:   Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Psychology within a medical model, Spirituality and mental health; as well as corporate team building, guest lectures, community events, relaxation and mindfulness.


"Until I met Dr. Snetter, I really didn't think that I could ever get my life back.  I had seen so many psychologists before, that I had lost hope.  She helped me to move beyond my trauma and no longer define myself as a victim, but a survivor who has power to direct my life again.  Dr. Snetter, I am so grateful to you."

(Name being withheld for CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES)

"I used to have anxiety and panic attacks about 3/4-times a day.  It was so bad that I stayed away from people; my home was my only safe place.  Dr. Snetter's approach in sessions helped me to understand why I was so afraid and then she helped me to take step to overcome it.  It didn't happen overnight; but it did happen."

(Name being withheld for CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES)

"I think God sometimes uses people to answer prayers; because for me, Dr. Snetter was the help I had prayed to God for.  I didn't know it until I started feeling better about myself and my life.  Thank you so much, Dr. Snetter!"

(Name being withheld for CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES)

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